Designing a Luxury Bathroom: A Guide


For some homeowners, bathrooms are almost an afterthought. They are merely spaces to use for getting ready and showering. For others, however, bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in the home. If you fall into the latter category and you are about to remodel at least one of the bathrooms in your house, the information in this guide will help you create a luxurious retreat you can relax in on a daily basis.

Consider the lighting

Interior designers who regularly work in high-end spaces know that the right lighting is critical to creating a luxurious ambiance in any bathroom. Not only can proper lighting set the mood for both relaxation and romance, but task lighting near any mirrors will help illuminate your face perfectly, allowing you to feel confident that you look your best every day.


Pick upscale toilets

Nowadays, toilet manufacturers have upped their game, offering models that have a variety of luxury features. If you want to make sure your bathroom has a high-end feel, a toilet that offers any combination of a heated seat, touchless flushing, or a bidet feature will instantly make your space rival a boutique hotel.


Choose high-end shower features

When it comes to showers in luxury bathrooms, homeowners and designers are really only limited by their imaginations. Whether you want a steam feature, multiple shower heads, colorful LED lighting, or speakers built directly into your shower walls, there’s no limit to what you can do if you have the budget for it. It bears noting that in almost all upscale bathrooms, showers are curbless and have glass enclosures.


Install radiant floor heat

There’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower and immediately getting chilled as your feet touch cold tile. Radiant floor heat eliminates this issue and is a must-have in any luxury bathroom. This feature is more affordable than you might think, so make sure you have it added during your remodel!


If you are getting ready for a major bathroom renovation, contact our skilled team at your earliest convenience. Quality Interior Finishing takes great pride in helping our clients’ achieve the visions they have for their spaces, no matter what their styles are, and we look forward to working with you to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Accessories of 2018

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and that means your kitchen cabinets should be equipped with the best accessories possible. Learning what kitchen cabinet accessories are right for you is the key to getting the most for your money and gaining the functionality that you crave. These are a few of the best kitchen cabinet accessories of 2018 that you should consider putting in your kitchen.

Cabinet Step Stool

Most of us have a few cabinets that we just can’t use because they’re too tall or too deep, but that space doesn’t have to be left wasted. With a pull-out cabinet stepstool, you can add 15 inches of height to your reach. These stools are easy to install and take up little space, so they’re the perfect fit for any kitchen.

Pullout Base Storage

Pull out base cabinet storage is perfect for smaller kitchen and cooks who want things within easy reach while they cook. As the name suggests, these cabinets pull out of the cabinet and create a small version of a pantry without taking up much space.

Corner Carousal Cabinet

these shelves are also known as rotating shelves and they’re exactly what they sound like, a shelf within a cabinet that rotates. This rotating shelf brings functionality to corner cabinets that otherwise seem like black holes for anything you put into them. Rather you choose to store spices or canned goods, you have the peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to find them again.

These are just a few of our top picks for kitchen accessories in 2018, but there’s many more to discover. If you’re searching to optimize the space in your kitchen and upgrade your storage consider setting up a consultation with a professional contractor like Quality Interior Finishing to find out what options are best for you.

Kitchen Floor Buying Guide

The kitchen is more than just a place where meals are prepared. It’s a magical hub where the family gathers, stories are told, parties get started, and new memories are made. It’s a high traffic area that withstands a lot of abuse, from stains to scrapes, and the floor suffers the most damage. However, it is still the place where you can add some style and flare when it comes to flooring. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you when buying kitchen flooring.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When it comes to the wear and tear that your kitchen floor will have to stand up to, you want to be particular about the type of flooring that you buy. If you have a busy household with children who spill food regularly, pets running around, or where accidents happen frequently, you need flooring that provides durability, is safe and easy to maintain.

Your Preferred Style

Choosing flooring isn’t all about convenience and maintenance, it’s also about style. You can put your personal touch on your kitchen floor by letting your style reflect in your selection. You can do something as simple as to make your flooring match your kitchen environment, like the color or style, be it rustic or contemporary. You can make the floor the focal point of your kitchen space. Keep stylistic elements in mind when buying your flooring.

Easy Cleaning

Who wants flooring that is difficult and time-consuming to clean? Nobody. Food spills, tracked-in dirt, and everyday use grime buildup can leave your kitchen floors messy. If your life is busy, you don’t want to spend more time than you can give on cleaning your kitchen floors. You want floors that require little maintenance. Floor material that is water and stain resistant are ideal and make messes a lot easier to remedy.


When it comes to cost, you want to consider the size of your kitchen and the cost per square footage for flooring for starters. Keep in mind that additional costs could emerge related to the underlayment, delivery, and installation. Leaving room to expand your budget is a good idea
since you never know what issues could pop up.

These are some useful tips to consider when deciding on the right flooring for your kitchen. Let Quality Interior Finishing do the hard work and provide you with new flooring concepts and personalized design strategies that can transform your kitchen.

Common mistakes homeowners make when diying drapes.

Have you ever looked at your windows and thought “it needs some decoration like drapes or something”? Like most homeowners who are looking to add some privacy from neighbors or block out the sun, finding the right type of drapes could be the answer for your windows. But before you go running off to your local home depot or clicking away online, there are many factors you should consider before diying your drapes. Here are some of the common mistakes we’ve encountered from homeowners.

  1. Buying drapes at a local store.

Drapes are a delicate piece of material that can instantly change the mood and feel to the room. Instead of buying drapes from a local store that does not specialize primarily on drapes, research online for a custom window design treatment store near you. You will immediately see the difference in terms of quality and detail that will compliment your windows the way you had envisioned.

  1. Not measuring the window correctly.

There is nothing more frustrating when diying in general than measuring something and in the result came out inaccurate. When it comes to windows, you want to make sure you are not only using an appropriate tape measure but also keep in mind where exactly you want your drapes to set and if your windows can support it.

  1. Choosing the wrong color.

Drapes need attention and choosing the wrong color could drastically set the wrong mood to the room. A helpful tip is seeing what other colors and pattern are around the room, pillows, rugs, and wall color can help you understand what color is needed that does not clash with everything. If you are unsure what color works best, we have a highly detailed design team that can provide multiple options that can make your drapes stand out like it’s meant to.

Finding the perfect drapes is not an easy task. Let Quality Interior Finishing be the ones to help de-stress your interior worries and call now at (781) 344-2433!

Window Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer

The weather here in Massachusetts is already teasing us with the humidity and significant invasions. Now is a great time to get your windows prepared before Summer hits, here are some helpful tips to get yourself started.

1. Check Weather Stripping. Commonly used to cover small holes and insulate space between the window sash and window pane. However, no matter how durable the material is, it will eventually deteriorate therefore can cause a leak and will decrease your home’s energy efficiency.

2. Check Window Caulking. Like weather stripping, window caulking helps build a barrier between your windows and exterior, which helps improves the indoor air comfort, but it also deteriorates in the long run which can ultimately cost you more if not replaced right away.

3. Clean the Windows. In time, dirt and debris can wear down the surface of your windows and decreases its lifespan from weakened glass that becomes fragile and can easily shatter. Start your spring cleaning today to prevent any further damages.

4. Check for Drafts and Leaks. Do you feel any draft as you walk past your windows? Or even worse see water dripping down the windows from the rain? If so, you will need to replace them right away! Excess moisture can lead to more damages to the wood and cause it to rot and develop mold around it. Have your local replacement window contractor to inspect any further damages

5. Check for Window Hardware. It’s relatively simple to know, but not many homeowners pay much attention to. Safety is vital in case of an emergency like fire so make sure your windows opens and closes properly, and any loose handles should be replaced.

8 ways to make your kitchen look more expensive

When it comes to remodeling a room, the kitchen is by far the most expensive room to invest in. Upgrading can be costly but if you know how to style your kitchen can transition into something that looks million times more luxury than before. Here are 8 ideas to spruce up your kitchen.

1. Hardware.

If your drawers and cabinets are looking a little worn out, consider upgrading the color and hardware to add details to your décor. Keep it simple but elegant, don’t go overboard with the finishes as it could clash with your kitchen layout.

2. Greenery.

It’s always nice to see space in the kitchen but why not add some greenery to create a luxurious feel. Small pots or hanging herbs and will add a little style and personality to the kitchen.

3. Light fixtures.

What perfect way to add finishing touches or bring attention to a room but upgrading the light fixtures? Lighting can come in different shapes and designs for a modern interior look. If your kitchen is lacking some color, consider investing in bronze!

4. Accessorize.

Replace exposed cups, plates, and bowls with decorative accessories and interesting textiles to create a unique look to the room.

5. Rug.

Not for all, but it does create warmth in the kitchen especially if you have tiles installed, which we know can be chilly for the feet in the morning!

6. Stools.

Chairs can take up a lot of space in the room, opt for stools. Stools are easy to tuck away, they come in unique style and design to add a personal feel to the kitchen.

7. Faucets.

When was the last time you had your faucets changed? Faucets have come a long way and now able to offer in a variety of shapes, finishes, and configurations. Consider swapping your old faucets into something more exciting and decorative to match your hardware for that high-end look.

8. Artwork.

Have you ever stared at your kitchen and thought that it lacks personality? Hanging an interesting piece of artwork in the kitchen can be what you are looking for. We recommend attaching something that is out of the ordinary like a portrait or vintage work to create a sophisticated modern vibe.

Bathroom Renovation Tips

The bathroom, one of the most important rooms in the house, so important that homeowners will typically pay more attention to bathroom renovation projects for less money than on a kitchen project. To make the most of your investment, here are some helpful renovation tips you can make to your bathroom without breaking the bank.


Larger-size tiles make bathrooms feel less cramped. It’s also a great way to spruce up the bathroom appearance with the right color and style.


To make a small bathroom appear more prominent, make sure you use a bright color such as white-cream to enhance the size of the bathroom visually.


Add lighting across the room will give the bathroom a modern feel, it’s funny to think that the most light we see in the bathroom is where people visually inspect their hair and faces and the remainder of the room is usually dark.


Homeowners tend to add a large mirror to the room not only to check their face and fixing their hair. But to expand the room visually and add more light to the room.

Wall protection and beautification.

Not many bathrooms have a beadboard, but it can really add an antique look to the room and is easy to install. Beadboard offers another great function, and that is protecting your lower section of the wall from splashes of water that occur from the tub or shower. A helpful tip is adding an oil-based paint to ensure the beadboard harmless from moisture.

Make changes above can make a huge impact not only on the bathroom but starting and ending your day just right. If you are looking for more information about our bathroom services in Stoughton, MA. Please give us a call at

Signs you need to replace your home siding 

 While replacing your siding can be costly and time intensive, it’s a great investment into the future of your home that can improve not only the exterior look and feel, but can improve the interior of your home as well. If you’re procrastinating getting your siding replaced, the following issues might be a tell-tale sign that you need to bite the bullet and replace your siding.

Rotted or warped panels

If you notice that the panels on your vinyl siding are soft to the touch or warping out from the exterior wall, it’s a sign that the siding is rotted and damaged, and it’s time to replace your siding.

Higher than normal heating or cooling bills

While siding isn’t always to blame of higher heating or cooling bills, it can certainly be an indicator that your siding needs to be replaced. If your roof and insulation is in good condition, then it might be your siding.

Cracked siding

If you notice a few cracked panels after a bad storm, there’s no reason to completely replace your siding. However, if the issue is more wide spread, you should get a professional contractor to come and preform an examination. When there are cracks, the paint acts as a protective coating from moisture. However, once that coating has been broken down, moisture potentially has gotten into the siding and damaged the interior structure of the home.

Interior paint or wallpaper is cracking

Are you noticing that your wallpaper or paint is cracking on the interior of your home? If this is occurring, it means that moisture is seeping in through the panels and ruining your interior drywall. This is a definite sign that your siding needs to be replaced.


If you notice black mold or fungus growing around the siding, it’s an indicator of a larger moisture problem that should be examined immediately. Mold is not only harmful to the exterior of your home, but it’s also harmful to breathe in and touch. Contact a professional who is trained in handling mold, mildew and fungus to address the issue.

If you notice any of these signs of breakdown during an inspection of your siding, contact a local contractor who can diagnose these issues. For more information about services, get in touch and call Quality Interior Finishing today at (781) 344-2433


Kitchen Trends for 2018

If you’re planning on a remodeling project for 2018, a new kitchen is a great way to increase value to your home. While some people plan to remodel and sell their home, others may just look to upgrade their kitchen. So what’s trending and what should we look into? Here are some of the list we believe you should think about incorporating.

1. Open Shelving.
One of the most popular demands we think that tops the list for 2018. If you’re not looking to spend money on cabinets, an open shelving is a great idea to create more space for the room.

2. Kitchen Islands & Seating.
Islands and seating are excellent centerpieces for gathering your close ones to the kitchen and a convenient way to utilize your kitchen.

3. Copper Finishes.
If you are looking to add style to your kitchen copper is the way forward. From faucets to kitchen cabinet hardware, copper can bring a sleek look to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

4. Smart Technology.
Homeowners are now opting for tech-ready kitchens as smart gadgets and other devices can be added to for convenience to the homeowner.

5. Wood Countertops
For keen chefs, this would be the perfect feature added to the kitchen for 2018. It’s eco-friendly, and it creates a rustic look that would pair up nicely with darker colors.

Picking The Right Tile

If you thought to pick a color to match your room was all there is to tile flooring, think again. There are many things to consider when choosing the right tile for your room. At Quality Interior Finishing, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to get you started.
1. The bigger the tile, the better. Not many people think of this, but having bigger tiles can often make a smaller room appear bigger. Small tiles will cause more maintenance work due to more grout lines.
2. Tile Design. Homeowners often overlook grout but choosing the right grout color can create a different mood to the room for an example, grout color that is as close to the tile as possible can make your tile flooring appear seamless. If you want your tile work to be accentuated, you will need to use a contrasting grout color that will make your tiles pop out.
3. Color. Choosing the color can essentially bring a different set of moods o the room:

Lighter Colors tend to make the atmosphere of the room appear larger
Darker Colors can add warmth
Neutral Colors allow you to change the look and feel of a room with additional accessories
Vibrant Colors add character and are often seen as cheerful

For more information about our tile design and installation services, please feel free to contact our team at Quality Interior Finishing for a free consultation at (781) 344-2433