Benefits of Window Replacement

Your windows offer a number of benefits for your home, most importantly providing light and ventilation.  However, there is so much more to gain from properly installed, high-quality windows. For homeowners who have been putting off replacing their windows, take a look at this blog to learn about all of the benefits that replacement windows can offer for your home!

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of replacing your windows is the energy efficiency that new windows can provide. One of the biggest problems homeowners have with older windows is that they begin to leak. Old frames loosen, crack, and break, which creates small openings which interrupt the seal of your home. Installing replacement windows can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by using Low-E glass, which is designed with a microscopic layer that helps to increase your home’s solar heat gain in the winter and reduce it during the summer.

Noise Reduction

On the topic of leaks in your windows due to improper seals, there is another drawback that can occur from these leaks beyond decreased energy efficiency. A leak in your windows also allows in sound, which if you live near a busy road or downtown area, can allow in unwelcome noise pollution. If you find that when you’re in your home, it feels as though your standing right next to the road, your windows are likely the culprit.  Replace your home’s windows in order to reduce noise pollution.

UV Reduction

Another benefit of replacing your windows is increasing your home’s UV protection.  The sun’s UV rays have the ability to fade your fabrics, such as furniture, carpets, drapes, and more. If you’ve ever moved the furniture around a particularly sunny room, you’ve likely noticed that your carpet, rugs, or even your hardwood floors have been washed out and the area’s that the furniture was covering maintained a fuller color. Replacing your windows can reduce this effect! Newer replacement windows with Low-E coating also offer protection against UV rays!

Curb Appeal/Resale Value

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of replacing your home’s windows is an increase in both curb appeal, and subsequently, resale value. Old windows begin to look bad after being constantly exposed to the elements for years. Whether your frames are decaying, your glass is dealing with condensation, or the glass is cracked or chipped, installing new replacement windows will help to boost your home’s curb appeal! Furthermore, increasing your home’s curb appeal will also increase your home’s resale value when its time to sell your home!

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Signs to Tell that I Need a New Bathroom


For many folks, their bathroom is a place of tranquility and comfort after a long day of work. Bathrooms typically get a lot of use, and over time, they lose their shine and need a renovation. Leaky pipes, dated fixtures, broken tiles, and faded painting are indications that your bathroom may need to be freshened up. Still, sometimes you need a new bathroom altogether. Let’s look at some of the signs that you need a new bathroom.

Doesn’t Make For Great Photos

A picture can be very revealing and sometimes you miss things when you rely only on your own eyes to capture an image. A photograph can allow you to notice for the first time details about your bathroom that you were oblivious to. You might not notice that your bathroom is painted in a mismatched color palette, or that you have discoloration in places that shouldn’t be.

Smells like a Bathroom

Old bathroom smell is not inviting in the least. You should not walk into your bathroom and turn up your nose because it has an unpleasant smell. Chances are, you may have a mold problem because moisture has accumulated in the bathroom walls. It could also be that you have a plumbing or ventilation problem.

Bad Layout

Maybe you bought an existing home with a bathroom that has an awkward layout and thinks it’s time to go. If the layout doesn’t make sense for you or isn’t functional, it’s time for an update. Things like an odd arrangement of bathroom pieces, a cramped or impractical spacing are reasons to get a new bathroom. A toilet next to a tub, for example, doesn’t make for a good layout.


Leaks are annoying and can cause costly unwanted damage. If you have brown water stains on the ceiling of your bathroom, an update might be needed if a repair can fix the problem. There may be hidden signs of a water leak, like mold, damaged floor, and walls that you are unaware of. This is a great opportunity to make use of modern fixtures that are not only stylish but provide new benefits, such as water conservation.


There is no need to remain stuck with a dingy, outdated bathroom. If it smells, leaks or isn’t photogenic, it’s time to get a new bathroom. Do some renovation and restore comfort and style to your bathroom space. You have a range of options when it comes to bathroom design and fixtures that you can work with.


5 Ways to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens merge multiple distinct styles: traditional, rustic, vintage, and cottage too. A classic farmhouse is known for conjuring feelings of coziness and warmth. It has a delicate and classic vibe without being unapproachable or overly fussy.
Farmhouse kitchens are frequently compared to traditional kitchens. Traditional kitchens tend to be kitschier, where farmhouse kitchen is more sophisticated and charming.

  • The color of the Farmhouse: There are no rules for modern farmhouse colors. A winning palette combines natural wood tones, black, and white. Another revealing tale of the farmhouse style is neutral and muted colors. Because most modern kitchen use what they have, pieces were used well, paint finishes got worn, and when broken it got fixed. Things were well cherished. These means colorful pieces got faded, and everything took a conservative and a more neutral tone. Think warm wood, grays, and white tones.
  • Use the Right Decorations: large kitchen design is the foundation of any style, what transforms into the best/perfect farmhouse setting with a little space is the little decoration you incorporate. Here are some samples of the ideal farmhouse kitchen decoration you can incorporate; cotton or linen dishcloths, butcher blocks, china hutch, apron storage rack, wood utensils, glass canisters, mason jars, pot rack, white dishes, fresh flowers, and vintage accents (chairs, vintage stools, old teacups, and wire baskets). Don’t forget to avoid too much clutter with too many
  • Simplicity: A perfect farmhouse is also based on its simplicity. These go back to the economic status of top farmhouse throughout the years. Homesteads and farmhouses often use what they have, and every item used has its purpose. So in perfect farmhouses, you will often see plenty of enamelware and galvanized touches, because they were essential materials that were found on a working farm.
  • Brighten the Kitchen Space with Humble Hardware and White Cabinets: Repainting or installing new cabinets will instantly give the kitchen a nice feeling of a perfect farmhouse kitchen. Most homeowners often chose to use waterproof, non-toxic, and milk paint that produces an ideal type of finish that looks nice in a farmhouse kitchen. It is also recommended to use non-flashy cabinet hardware. Antique and brushed hardware finishing often evoke the non-intimidating and inviting a feeling of a perfect farmhouse kitchen.
  • Clean Lines: A perfect farmhouse has one thing in common, which is the clean lines, in both the décor and architecture. And kitchen cabinets are a perfect example. The farmhouse cabinet front is made of the shaker, because of easy construction and clean lines. Working on farmlands is enough for a farming family when it comes to building cabinets, furniture’s, and door frames, and they kept it basic. No fancy finishes, and simple functionality.


In Conclusion, avoid decorations. Also, keep the farmhouse theme tangible and functional. And remember this an opportunity to add your personality into space. For more information about our kitchen services, consider hiring Quality Interior Finishing today!

Is It Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

How do you know when it’s time to remodel your kitchen?  When your appliances are falling apart, or your countertops are cracked, and your cabinets aren’t working properly, with drawers ticking, it might be easy to determine.

But many other factors could indicate that your kitchen needs an update, beyond the cosmetic issues.

Here are a few things to consider when determining whether it’s time to remodel your kitchen.


Are you happy with the amount of counter space, cabinet space and floor space in your kitchen?  Perhaps the position of your fridge or the shape and layout of your counter may be taking away useful space.

If you replace the countertop or change the shape of your kitchen, keep in mind that you need a total of 158 inches of countertop frontage, 24 inches deep with at least 15 inches of clearance above, for preparation, work area, and storage.


If you have children, and depending on their ages, your kitchen may need a remodel to accommodate their needs.  Countertops with sharp corners, space, and lower surfaces are all things to consider when you have kids.

Energy Efficiency

Are your appliances all from the 1970s still?  Even if they aren’t quite that old, newer appliances can save you a ton of money by saving energy and running more efficiently.  Plus they’ll look better too!

Traffic Flow

Think about what areas you use the most in the kitchen.  More than likely it’s the stove, the fridge, and the sink.  You’ll want these to be laid out and optimized for traffic flow so that you can move efficiently while you are preparing and cooking meals.  Take this into consideration when determining whether or not you’ll need to remodel your kitchen.

There are many reasons to remodel your kitchen, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what will work best for your house, your kitchen, and your family.

Top 2019 Kitchen Trends to Get Ready for

The new year brings many exciting changes each year, but did you know that kitchen trends are a part of those exciting changes? Each year we see new styles come and go in the world of interior decorating and designing. Some of those trends last for years to go while others are short-lived but knowing what styles to look out for is the key! These are some of the biggest trends you should be expecting to see in 2019.

Exposed Shelving

We expect shelves to be hidden behind cabinets, but this year that expectation is changing. Open and exposed shelves and hanging racks are gaining popularity thanks to their unique design and easy accessibility. Homeowners love the convenience and style of this trendy option!

Matte is Back

Shiny appliances, cabinetry, and countertops are no longer what the modern homeowner wants. Instead, matte options are rapidly gaining in popularity. Dark matte colors are the most popular choice we’ve seen. If you have kids or pets matte is the perfect option for you because fingerprints and dirt can hardly be seen on the surface!

Bright Color Choices

While dark matte and crisp white kitchens remain popular, many homeowners are in search of color throughout their kitchen. Adding pops of bright color with wall décor, a bright backsplash, handles, and more is a trend on the rise in 2019. This can be seen easily in the choice of gold, and copper metallic cabinet and drawer handles. Copper or gold pops of bright color is a great option for the homeowner looking to make a noticeable, modern upgrade without breaking the bank.
To learn more about what kitchen trends are right for your space in 2019, consult with an interior designer or contractor. They can help you decide which trends will not only modernize your space but make it more functional as well!

Designing a Luxury Bathroom: A Guide


For some homeowners, bathrooms are almost an afterthought. They are merely spaces to use for getting ready and showering. For others, however, bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in the home. If you fall into the latter category and you are about to remodel at least one of the bathrooms in your house, the information in this guide will help you create a luxurious retreat you can relax in on a daily basis.

Consider the lighting

Interior designers who regularly work in high-end spaces know that the right lighting is critical to creating a luxurious ambiance in any bathroom. Not only can proper lighting set the mood for both relaxation and romance, but task lighting near any mirrors will help illuminate your face perfectly, allowing you to feel confident that you look your best every day.


Pick upscale toilets

Nowadays, toilet manufacturers have upped their game, offering models that have a variety of luxury features. If you want to make sure your bathroom has a high-end feel, a toilet that offers any combination of a heated seat, touchless flushing, or a bidet feature will instantly make your space rival a boutique hotel.


Choose high-end shower features

When it comes to showers in luxury bathrooms, homeowners and designers are really only limited by their imaginations. Whether you want a steam feature, multiple shower heads, colorful LED lighting, or speakers built directly into your shower walls, there’s no limit to what you can do if you have the budget for it. It bears noting that in almost all upscale bathrooms, showers are curbless and have glass enclosures.


Install radiant floor heat

There’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower and immediately getting chilled as your feet touch cold tile. Radiant floor heat eliminates this issue and is a must-have in any luxury bathroom. This feature is more affordable than you might think, so make sure you have it added during your remodel!


If you are getting ready for a major bathroom renovation, contact our skilled team at your earliest convenience. Quality Interior Finishing takes great pride in helping our clients’ achieve the visions they have for their spaces, no matter what their styles are, and we look forward to working with you to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Accessories of 2018

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and that means your kitchen cabinets should be equipped with the best accessories possible. Learning what kitchen cabinet accessories are right for you is the key to getting the most for your money and gaining the functionality that you crave. These are a few of the best kitchen cabinet accessories of 2018 that you should consider putting in your kitchen.

Cabinet Step Stool

Most of us have a few cabinets that we just can’t use because they’re too tall or too deep, but that space doesn’t have to be left wasted. With a pull-out cabinet stepstool, you can add 15 inches of height to your reach. These stools are easy to install and take up little space, so they’re the perfect fit for any kitchen.

Pullout Base Storage

Pull out base cabinet storage is perfect for smaller kitchen and cooks who want things within easy reach while they cook. As the name suggests, these cabinets pull out of the cabinet and create a small version of a pantry without taking up much space.

Corner Carousal Cabinet

these shelves are also known as rotating shelves and they’re exactly what they sound like, a shelf within a cabinet that rotates. This rotating shelf brings functionality to corner cabinets that otherwise seem like black holes for anything you put into them. Rather you choose to store spices or canned goods, you have the peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to find them again.

These are just a few of our top picks for kitchen accessories in 2018, but there’s many more to discover. If you’re searching to optimize the space in your kitchen and upgrade your storage consider setting up a consultation with a professional contractor like Quality Interior Finishing to find out what options are best for you.

Kitchen Floor Buying Guide

The kitchen is more than just a place where meals are prepared. It’s a magical hub where the family gathers, stories are told, parties get started, and new memories are made. It’s a high traffic area that withstands a lot of abuse, from stains to scrapes, and the floor suffers the most damage. However, it is still the place where you can add some style and flare when it comes to flooring. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you when buying kitchen flooring.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When it comes to the wear and tear that your kitchen floor will have to stand up to, you want to be particular about the type of flooring that you buy. If you have a busy household with children who spill food regularly, pets running around, or where accidents happen frequently, you need flooring that provides durability, is safe and easy to maintain.

Your Preferred Style

Choosing flooring isn’t all about convenience and maintenance, it’s also about style. You can put your personal touch on your kitchen floor by letting your style reflect in your selection. You can do something as simple as to make your flooring match your kitchen environment, like the color or style, be it rustic or contemporary. You can make the floor the focal point of your kitchen space. Keep stylistic elements in mind when buying your flooring.

Easy Cleaning

Who wants flooring that is difficult and time-consuming to clean? Nobody. Food spills, tracked-in dirt, and everyday use grime buildup can leave your kitchen floors messy. If your life is busy, you don’t want to spend more time than you can give on cleaning your kitchen floors. You want floors that require little maintenance. Floor material that is water and stain resistant are ideal and make messes a lot easier to remedy.


When it comes to cost, you want to consider the size of your kitchen and the cost per square footage for flooring for starters. Keep in mind that additional costs could emerge related to the underlayment, delivery, and installation. Leaving room to expand your budget is a good idea
since you never know what issues could pop up.

These are some useful tips to consider when deciding on the right flooring for your kitchen. Let Quality Interior Finishing do the hard work and provide you with new flooring concepts and personalized design strategies that can transform your kitchen.

Common mistakes homeowners make when diying drapes.

Have you ever looked at your windows and thought “it needs some decoration like drapes or something”? Like most homeowners who are looking to add some privacy from neighbors or block out the sun, finding the right type of drapes could be the answer for your windows. But before you go running off to your local home depot or clicking away online, there are many factors you should consider before diying your drapes. Here are some of the common mistakes we’ve encountered from homeowners.

  1. Buying drapes at a local store.

Drapes are a delicate piece of material that can instantly change the mood and feel to the room. Instead of buying drapes from a local store that does not specialize primarily on drapes, research online for a custom window design treatment store near you. You will immediately see the difference in terms of quality and detail that will compliment your windows the way you had envisioned.

  1. Not measuring the window correctly.

There is nothing more frustrating when diying in general than measuring something and in the result came out inaccurate. When it comes to windows, you want to make sure you are not only using an appropriate tape measure but also keep in mind where exactly you want your drapes to set and if your windows can support it.

  1. Choosing the wrong color.

Drapes need attention and choosing the wrong color could drastically set the wrong mood to the room. A helpful tip is seeing what other colors and pattern are around the room, pillows, rugs, and wall color can help you understand what color is needed that does not clash with everything. If you are unsure what color works best, we have a highly detailed design team that can provide multiple options that can make your drapes stand out like it’s meant to.

Finding the perfect drapes is not an easy task. Let Quality Interior Finishing be the ones to help de-stress your interior worries and call now at (781) 344-2433!

Window Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer

The weather here in Massachusetts is already teasing us with the humidity and significant invasions. Now is a great time to get your windows prepared before Summer hits, here are some helpful tips to get yourself started.

1. Check Weather Stripping. Commonly used to cover small holes and insulate space between the window sash and window pane. However, no matter how durable the material is, it will eventually deteriorate therefore can cause a leak and will decrease your home’s energy efficiency.

2. Check Window Caulking. Like weather stripping, window caulking helps build a barrier between your windows and exterior, which helps improves the indoor air comfort, but it also deteriorates in the long run which can ultimately cost you more if not replaced right away.

3. Clean the Windows. In time, dirt and debris can wear down the surface of your windows and decreases its lifespan from weakened glass that becomes fragile and can easily shatter. Start your spring cleaning today to prevent any further damages.

4. Check for Drafts and Leaks. Do you feel any draft as you walk past your windows? Or even worse see water dripping down the windows from the rain? If so, you will need to replace them right away! Excess moisture can lead to more damages to the wood and cause it to rot and develop mold around it. Have your local replacement window contractor to inspect any further damages

5. Check for Window Hardware. It’s relatively simple to know, but not many homeowners pay much attention to. Safety is vital in case of an emergency like fire so make sure your windows opens and closes properly, and any loose handles should be replaced.